Mai Vy Nguyen



Vy Nguyen is a social entrepreneur and educational advocate. Vy received a B.A. in Economics and Asian American Studies from University of California, Davis, and is currently working towards a Master of Liberal Arts, Management. Currently, she works at ALearn, a non-profit that provides educational support for underrepresented communities. In her spare time, she serves as Member Board of Director for the Viet-American Youth Association in San Jose. In 2017, Vy founded Vingo, a Vietnamese language learning and cultural preservation startup providing a unified language educational experience for the Vietnamese diaspora.

Affiliation (s)

- Vingo Inc, Founder - Viet-American Youth Association, Board of Directors

Expertise (s)

- Vietnamese language preservation for youth - Vietnamese culture advocacy - Asian/ Vietnamese American Studies, Vietnamese Disaspora

Interest (s)

- Vietnamese language and preservation in the diaspora - Vietnamese youth development in the diaspora and their connection to their heritage - Transnational relationships with Vietnamese generation Y's perspective