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Huanvy Phan is a sophomore at Stanford University and is the Founder and Director of Viet House Foundation. The organization was founded in 2014 in response to the wealth inequalities and poverty that Phan saw during their childhood trips to Vietnam. Viet House Foundation is a fundraising nonprofit that uses donations to build homes for families in Vietnam, and has raised over $18,000 to build six homes since its inception. Phan’s initial goal was to build ten homes by the end of their undergraduate career, but they plan to expand their goal as Viet House Foundation grows.  Personally, Huanvy Phan plans to graduate from Stanford in 2020 and continue to law school to eventually work in community organizing and activism within the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community. Their parents were refugees during the Vietnam War and have been instrumental in the inspiration for Viet House Foundation and Phan’s passion for serving their community. You can learn more about Viet House Foundation and donate at and To connect with Huanvy:

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Viet House Foundation,

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Asian American Studies

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